SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With the increase use of internet users in today’s world, it is easier to promote products or services i through social media platforms. But hiring influencers and running could be expensive for small sized businesses or emerging start-ups. This is where Search Engine Optimization in short SEO comes into play.

Optimizing content to reach target audience is a very unexplored marketing strategy. But many businesses use this to promote products through producing highly optimized content.

In his article we are going to discuss how to do promotion without free of cost using SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization refers to the process of making changes to your website to target potential customers. This makes the content more visible when users search for goods or services associated with your company on search engines like Google, Brave, Opera etc.

The more you get visibilities in search results, the more you are likely to get noticed. It draws both new and returning clients to your company.

Why SEO is so important and relevant?

Let’s take an example. Suppose, you have a website and you want people to utilise it to read your material, purchase your goods, or sign up for your service. You want visitors to visit your website. For instance, if you have a Café in Mumbai and you want visitors to find your website when they Google “Café Mumbai.”

Because when it’s the top result, the likelihood that someone will click on your website is substantially higher. The answer in SEO.

By using SEO in your content, you can attract visitors to your website. It is helpful if you own a small firm with very limited funding for advertising. This is how you can promote your business without spending lakhs of money on advertising.

How and where it helps to grow?

The Google algorithm determines the ranks pf any particular website. Even though some aspects of Google’s algorithm are still a secret. These ranking elements fall into two categories:


SEO on-page elements

All the elements of your website which directly affect are referred to as on-page factors. These variables include both technical ones and content-related. These are very essential on-page SEO. Below mentioned elements will improve your content marketing game..

  • Tags/Title: Each page’s title tag informs the search engines what the page is about.
  • Meta description: The meta description on your website provides a brief summary of each page’s content for search engines.
  • Sub-headings: Sub-headings not only make your material simpler for readers to understand, but they can also aid with SEO.

Building internal links and hyperlinks to related material on your website might provide search engines more information about it.

Off-page SEO elements

Your rankings are influenced by a few off-page SEO elements also. These elements are basically-social media views, links of products from other websites, and initiatives regarding off-site marketing. These off-page SEO criteria can be trickier to change, though not impossible. The quantity and calibre of links pointing at your website are the most crucial of these off-page elements. Your website will rank higher in Google the more high-quality, pertinent websites connect to it.

  • Trust: A site’s Google ranking is becoming more and more influenced by trust factor. This is how Google decides whether your website is trustworthy and reputable.
  • Links: Backlinks are one of the most often used strategies for developing off-page SEO.
  • Social: Social signals like likes and shares are another significant off-page SEO component. You should seek out influencer shares of high quality when trying to improve SEO.

Advantages you get using SEO in your content

SEO might aid in raising your position in search engine results. If you are struggling to establish your business then your most crucial objectives should be how to target most potent customers. After founding the niche, it will be easier to generate leads and sales. In both the cases SEO will help you.

However, if you’re still unsure, keep reading to discover the top 6 advantages of search engine optimization for your website.

1. SEO aims for high-quality traffic

SEO is an inbound marketing technique which has great benefits. There is no other opinion.

Inbound marketing strategies focus on audience making it simple for your audience to discover you when they need information. It entails reaching out to customers whether they want to see products from you or not.

Calling, spam and promotion emails, and advertising content or videos are examples of some tactics that are only used as the second step of advertising and applicable to those people who showed interest on your business.

In inbound marketing, emphasis is given on the client mainly. It helps in developing useful tools and making beneficial information more readily available to the customers. It is not that annoying in comparison to other ways of advertising which interrupts consumers when they are watching TV or YouTube or listening to the radio.

When users are ready to put in the effort to research your industry or learn more about their options for a specific type of items, they may then find you on their own. Customers will find this to be much more convenient, and as a result, your business will generate more qualified leads.

If you concentrate on drawing visitors who are actively looking for information about your industry, products, and services, you’ll be far more successful in reaching your target audience. The possibility that your marketing communications will generate leads and sales is also increased by the fact that you can reach your audience just as they are thinking about making a purchase or employing a service.

2. There is no fee for SEO advertising

Google gives ranks to only its organic consumers. It is solely depends on Google’s algorithm to find consumers. This implies that a page you’ve made that a search engine think is worthy of sending consumers to can continue to drive traffic to your website for months or even years after you post it.

Producing high-quality content involves a greater finance. If you decide to design it yourself, your investment will be in time; if you decide to pay a digital marketing company to produce it for you, your investment will be in cash. However, after you’ve made the initial payment, maintaining traffic generation is free.

3. PPC receives fewer clicks than SEO

PPC advertisements are displayed above organic results. A research showed approximately more than 70% of searches lead to a click on those contents which are on the first page.

It’s tough to pinpoint the cause, but the logical explanation is that people rely on Google’s algorithm. People most commonly prefer to visit which are suggested by search engine. It has deemed to be the best.

Of course, this is only speculation. The bulk of clicks for any given search go to an organic result, regardless of the justification.

4. SEO assists PR

Generally, SEO and PR are two completely different marketing approaches. But you can combine the two if you want to enhance the effects of each. In link building, this two can be used simultaneously.

It is a very pivotal element of SEO strategy is to link your products in trustworthy websites. A PR campaign can persuade well-known newspapers and influential people to write about your business which can become a tremendous opportunity for your business. Utilizing link building research to find novel approaches to market your brand to buyers will greatly increase your chances of success.

5. You can outperform your rivals

These days, SEO is regarded as a key component of every marketing plan. In fact, 61% of marketers cite increasing their online visibility and SEO as top priorities.

Consequently, it is possible that your rivals are already making efforts to achieve top rankings in search results. You can stay competitive in your sector by developing your own SEO plan to keep up with them and, preferably, surpass them.

6. SEO Promotes Credibility and Trust

Although it won’t happen fast, real authority may and will have a positive effect on your business. Your brand will need to focus on establishing authority over time. Thankfully, effective SEO can help your company gain Google’s respect and confidence, which could lead to more customers.

Additionally, a lot of individuals who search for things assume with certainty that a trustworthy business can always be found on Google’s first page. which unquestionably leads to more customers who are more specifically targeted. Your prospects will view your website as having more authority if your business ranks highly for the relevant keywords.


The process of optimising webpages for search engines such as Google, or another search engine, is known as SEO.

At last, your focus should be on sustainable SEO while keeping your user in mind, and you will gain over time. If you use WordPress, be sure to read our comprehensive guide on SEO in WordPress for more information on how to rank highly in Google.

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