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What to Do If Your Facebook Ad Account Disabled

Unfortunately, it’s happened…

As usual, you were monitoring a couple of ad campaigns you launched in Ads Manager. Everything was fine. But one day, you found that your Facebook ad account was disabled.

Keep your head up! In this tutorial, you’ll find out why Facebook may suspend your ads and show you how to activate a disabled Facebook ad account as fast as possible.

Let’s begin.

Why does Facebook disable ad accounts? You’d think Meta would want your money instead of forcing folks to google Why is my Facebook ad account is disabled?

The short answer is that there are a lot of clickbait farms that use unethical practices which ruin it for everyone else.

The long answer is that Facebook creates specific automations their algorithm delivers that can’t distinguish an innocent mistake from those actually circumventing their systems.

You aren’t trying to cheat the system you’re just running ads for your clients right?

After you launch an ad, Facebook considers two things.

The first is the ad itself, including its contents, targeting settings, and positioning. The second is the landing page where the ad is displayed, the page’s functionality, and how well the page matches the promoted product or service.

Along with that, Facebook ads must comply with numerous advertising policies and community standards.

Overview Facebook Advertising Policies

If you haven’t read the Facebook advertising policies before you found your Facebook Ads Manager account disabled, we recommend you do so in order to avoid possible mistakes in the future. If you’ve already read Facebook’s advertising policies, it makes sense to go through them once again, as you may be violating one of them.

Check Facebook Community Standards

The same goes for the Facebook Community Standards, where Facebook describes what’s allowed and what isn’t when advertising. Another reason for disabling your Facebook ad account may be users’ reports about your Business Page, ads, or any other type of content you’ve ever posted.

Appeal to recover your suspended Facebook ad account

Chances are your account was banned by mistake. There are algorithms that check your ads for compliance with the rules, not real people. And they are often inaccurate.

That’s why the first thing you should do is to make an appeal to Facebook and explain the situation. You can tell why you think your account complied with the policy and ask that it’s reviewed by a person.

Being a large organization, Facebook isn’t fast in response. It typically takes from 12 hours to a few business days for advertisers to hear back from the Facebook team.

Unfortunately, if your Facebook ad account was disabled as a result of violating Ad Policies, your appeal isn’t likely to help.

Point Should Be Check Before Submitting Request

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