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How to generate leads from Facebook ads?

Today, billions of users are active on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger most of the time in day. Your company has tones of opportunities to spread the word about your products and services. Moreover, you can encourage users to sign up for a service you offer or find out more about a product you sell — in other words, to generate leads.

Meta is one of the biggest social media networks in the industry and also boasts one of the most developed advertising platforms. An advertisement is a type of marketing communication. This is used to sell or promote a product or service. Advertisements are communications intended to convince viewers or users to act in a certain way, usually by making a purchase.

In the current digital world, Facebook is a beast for generating leads. And that’s still one of the main reasons why so many marketers try to run their ad campaigns on this site. Facebook’s ad revenue increased 25% to $20.7 billion in Q4 2019 compared to Q4 2018, after running so many ad campaigns on this platform.

How do Facebook Lead Ads function?

To enhance online conversion through mobile device ad display optimization, the platform introduced Facebook Lead Ads in 2015. Facebook Lead Ads assist marketers in utilizing their enormous audience to increase campaign conversion rates.

Through the use of mobile and desktop ads, this functionality enables you to generate leads at a lesser cost. Marketers should make sure that their ads are optimized for mobile devices is crucial because the majority of Facebook users enter the social network on a mobile device.

Before the development of this tool, the conversion of leads required several stages, finally leading the user from the social media environment to an external landing page. After then, consumers were required to respond to a further call to action to provide their personal information.

Because users were hesitant to leave the platform, they trusted the social media marketing organizations and enter an uncharted external environment, this drawn-out process frequently ended in a failed conversion.

These problems were addressed by Facebook Lead Ads, which trigger a pop-up window inside the platform that is already filled with the user’s information when they are clicked by a user. Most of the time, a user merely needs to confirm the information and submit it with a few clicks. This is how Facebook Ads help in lead generation.

What should be the strategy to generate leads on Facebook?

A survey found that 60% of respondents thought Facebook Ads are significant and 40% said Facebook advertising is effective. There are many different strategies you can use to learn how to create leads on Facebook, like running Facebook advertisements targeted for leads, hosting events, holding competitions, and posting effective content.

As a result, you can generate both direct and indirect leads, both of which are essential components of a successful marketing plan. Two factors are crucial for producing high-quality leads from Facebook ads:

  • “Hyper-targeting” refers to the requirement that the audience targeted by the campaign be narrowly defined.
  • The proper message: By understanding who my target audience is, marketers can create compelling ad text that speaks to them specifically.

Ways to generate leads through Facebook Ads

It might be a little challenging to use Facebook ads to create leads, especially if you’re just starting. But this is not as difficult as you are thinking. Let me give you some simple ways to generate leads through Facebook Ads-


  1. Present remedies for resolving issues:

    Focus more on your customers in your Facebook ads than on your company. Addressing and solving their difficulties is the greatest method to win them over. Your advertisement needs to be pertinent to your audience and provide solutions to problems. Your content should feature high-quality photographs, and the format should be appropriate.
  1. Run numerous campaigns towards it:

    Think about three campaigns that each target the funnel’s top, middle, and bottom. Your top-of-the-funnel advertising should only be created with audience targeting and raising awareness in mind. Start testing your calls-to-action with the middle-of-the-funnel commercials and employ the top performers for your bottom-of-the-funnel ads.

Run multiple campaigns, each targeted at a different demographic, to maximize the return on your marketing investments. You’ll be able to design the optimal advertisement for the target market in this manner.

  1. Utilize lead advertisements properly:

    One of the best methods for generating leads on Facebook is to use lead ads. Facebook lead ads must be used properly, just like all other types of advertisements, to be successful. To gather leads through Facebook Ads, using the “Lead Generating” campaign type on Facebook to build an “on the platform” lead generation form can be a game-changer.

Utilize the Facebook lead form to choose and segment the audience by asking two to three qualifying questions. Send each group of the consumer base a unique email sequence with highly targeted offers.

It is crucial to keep lead forms concise and to the point, because the longer your form, the less likely it is that individuals will finish the process. By using Facebook Ads Manager to create extremely targeted audiences, you can quickly and easily guarantee that your leads are pre-qualified.

  1. Recognize and define your audience clearly:

    Recognize their needs, their obstacles to obtaining them, how you can relate to their suffering, and how you can demonstrate how you can ease it. These characters form the basis for everything else, including audience, hooks and offers, and creativity. The highest quality leads you can expect to receive depend on how precisely you target your Facebook audiences.

You need a high-quality audience if you want to generate high-quality leads, which is why targeting is so important.

  1. The KISS Rule:

    “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is the acronym for the KISS Principle. It’s a design principle, but Facebook advertising can also use it. Keep things straightforward for greater ad performance.

Avoid making your Facebook adverts or lead forms too difficult for users. Keep them as basic as you can. Make sure that all of your adverts, offers, and forms are clear and uncomplicated. Both the ads and the messaging ought to be concise and stylish.

  1. Display advertisements to relevant traffic:

    When displayed to a cold audience, lead generation advertisements—especially for webinars—can be very expensive. One of the least expensive Facebook Ad campaigns is a campaign to increase video views, so I suggest starting there.

You can build a bespoke audience of viewers who have seen 25% or more of your video once you’ve had a few video views. As soon as that is done, you can make a lead generation ad campaign and display it to your newly created personalized (or qualified) audience.

  1. Well-written ad content:

    The user will continue to scroll through your advertisement as long as they are perplexed. The key is simplicity. An easy-to-understand call to action is always your greatest choice for persuading users to click on your advertisement. It should be clear what you’re selling and what your advertisement is about. Your chances of luring in your ideal customer will increase as you become crystal clear.

  2. Send your intended audience educational advertisements and videos:

    Promote educational videos and adverts to your target market. Run these advertisements for a few weeks to develop a niche audience of your ideal customers. Then, utilizing the audience information you have gathered through Facebook advertisements and website visitors, design a retargeting campaign.

With the use of a social media dashboard, you can track which people are interested and which ones are not to produce high-quality leads on Facebook. By laser-targeting, only the most interested consumers, this multi-layered strategy of Facebook advertising helps to dramatically cut the cost.

A comprehensive list of the essential elements that can help a contest generate leads:

  • Make sure the caption has a link to the contest. Power words, such as “free” and “win,” are crucial for contests.
  • Use actual client photos rather than stock photography.
  • Always employ a CTA.
  • Briefly describe what they can win for them.
  • The copy of the advertisement should be brief and direct.
  • Make sure the tone, language, and visuals of the landing page correspond with the ad.
  • Create a compelling offer and make sure there is a sense of urgency for entering the contest.


One of the strongest marketing strategies for gathering contact information from potential clients through ads is lead generation on Facebook. When weighed against its marketing advantages, the cost of creating a Facebook lead ad is negligible.

Facebook lead generation can be a challenging and complex process. You’ll notice a significant difference in the quality and quantity of your leads if you try implementing these suggestions into your marketing approach.

There are so many possibilities for making powerful ads is one of the reasons Facebook is wonderful for digital marketers. Facebook is designed to generate leads, so make sure you’re utilizing all of the tools at your disposal and continuously trying new things.

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