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4 tips to shopping like a pro on E-commerce platform

Now these days, there are many E-commerce platforms, and every day millions of products selling out. What do you think? In this fast-moving life some people doing scams with you. Yes, They are making lots of money because you are not aware. So what we can do now? We can do lots of things and be aware. Some points we should always remember.

Don’t forget to view ratings

Each product showcased on the E-commerce platform been rated by customers just like you and features their reviews too. And what better way to judge a product than by reading what other users thought of it? Make sure to see the ratings and reviews, which may give you a clearer picture than any product description ever can.

Look for similar products

Once you’ve found a product you like—be it an electric trimmer or a foot scrub—click on the Similar Products icon or scroll down until you see the ‘You may also like’ tab. Touch any one of these and you’ll see a parade of similar products just like the one you’ve selected. Keep swiping right and go through all the products to make sure you pick the one that has the most features or the best price.

Use Image Search

One of the biggest advantages the google offers is the chance to point, shoot and buy! If you’ve ever found yourself coveting a pretty coffee mug at your neighbor’s house or saw that perfect scarf wrapped around stranger on the street, then this feature is your salvation. All you need to do is tap the camera button on the search bar, click a picture of the product you’ve got to have, choose the product category and voila! you’ll see display of similar products you can choose from.

Pay attention to the seller rating

Since there are often multiple sellers of your chosen product, make sure to take a few seconds to view the seller ratings. Based on timely delivery, packaging and more, these ratings are good way to separate the wheat from the chaff and find yourself a trustworthy seller.

Some recommended platform for shopping

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